BVM Capital LLC is a Southeast-based venture capital firm that invests opportunistically. We provide equity capital to early and expansion stage companies with proprietary technology platforms or unique products addressing large markets.

The partners of BVM Capital manage two investment funds: Louisiana Ventures, LP and TVP, LP (Themelios Ventures).

Louisiana Ventures, LP is focused on venture capital and private equity opportunities. Louisiana Ventures, LP is a generalist fund as far as industry preference, and invests opportunistically in high growth equity opportunities. In contrast, TVP, LP is focused on life science opportunities from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, the world’s leader in diabetes, nutrition and obesity research.

TVP will also invest in companies outside of the Pennington Center that run clinical trials or conduct research collaborations with the Center, thus, diversifying TVP’s investment mix.

Our group will also invest in traditional private equity and expansion growth deals nationwide. We have offices in Shreveport-Bossier and New Orleans Louisiana and in New York. Our group is comprised of professionals that are industry veterans with extensive experience as operational managers, securities attorneys and venture capitalist fund managers.